F. A. Q.

a) What is technical analysis?

Technical analysis is the study of price movement of stocks, commodities or currencies to make investment decision. If you wish to trade in any financial market, you just need the price history of the instrument to make trading decision.

b) Who can learn technical analysis?

Anyone can learn technical analysis as it is simple and requires no minimum qualification. However basic knowledge of stock, commodity or forex market makes it easy to start with technical analysis.

c) Why learn technical analysis?

Technical analysis gives you a clear picture of what is happening in the markets. It provides you with a reason for your position which otherwise are based on tips and hearsay. Technical analysis is the only tool that tells you "when" to buy or sell. It also makes your money management stronger.

d) How long will I take to learn technical analysis?

Usually, it takes about 2 to 3 months to learn technical analysis and implement it in trading decisions. But we advice a minimum of six months trading practice, either mock or with minimum money before you are ready to trade on full trading account.

e) Do I have to collect the data and make charts?

No. All the data is provided by data providers and charting software converts it into charts. You only need to focus on studying charts of those stocks, commodities or forex pair that you are trading in.

f) What is the difference between fundamental and technical analysis?

Fundamental analysis depends on financial facts and figures like balance sheet, revenues, interest rates etc to decide about strength of an asset. Technical analysis only sees the price movement and is not concerned how a financial entity is doing.

g) What are advantages of technical analysis?

Technical analysis offers many advantages to a trader. Technical analysis is easy to learn and implement. Once you learn technical analysis, you can trade in any market (Stock, commodity or currency ) or instrument (gold, crude oil, Swiss franc, EURO, any company’s stock etc) even if you have never studied those. Since technical analysis just reads price movements, it is more close to reality and takes into consideration the emotional aspect and sentiments of market participants. Some of the largest price moves in history have occurred with little or no change in the fundamentals. Technical analysis does not let your emotions affect your trading and makes you capable to book profit at appropriate time and losses when necessary.

h) Why learn technical analysis from KrispyNotes?

The technical analysis course from KrispyNotes is a combination of trading and teaching experience. The language and teaching methodology is simple and easy to understand. It is the least expensive course and affordable by all but maintains the highest quality standards. The biggest advantage is that our association will be forever and we will always be accessible to you. This is of big advantage during the learning process as the doubts and queries are directly answered by our chief consultant.

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