WE: KrispyNotes is the result of cooperation of finance professionals with the common passion to make technical analysis knowledge accessible to everyone wanting to become a trader, at the most affordable cost. It is headed by Jitender Yadav. The educational resources we provide are just a starting point of your journey to becoming a profitable trader and our association will be lifelong. We are honest in our belief that personal guidance and interaction is crucial and so we provide e-mail support, webinars, chat and other such interactive features. We are committed to be always by your side whenever you need us, from your first step into technical analysis until you become a perfect trader. Of course, we would want that our association lasts forever.

YOU: More than your profession or background, it is your nature that will decide your future as a trader. Knowing yourself and how you handle a situation will go a long way in making you a trader who stays strong in ups and downs of market moves and make continuous profits. There are many aspects of your nature that you must know to be in control of yourself. Money management part in the book covers all aspects of human emotions and how it affects trading. However, for now just remember that your ego will be the biggest roadblock to your success as a trader. The market is supreme and it is pitiless, and if you enter in it with an egoistic approach then nobody can save you from losses. So, just throw away the ego, learn technical analysis as if you know nothing about the markets, be humble in trading, accept your mistakes and we assure you that you will achieve whatever you want.
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