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The unique feature of our course is the extended support. Learning technical analysis does not end with the completion of course, or going through the books. Rather, the major part of learning process starts when technical analysis is implemented in trading. It is during this time that a student encounters numerous questions at every step. However, there is no one to answer the same, leaving the student with no option but to ignore the doubts and questions, or waste precious time in looking for answers. Not only this, each individual has unique queries depending on one’s trading style. Considering this factor, we have come up with the concept of ‘extended support’.

Under extended support policy, we will mentor each student for one year. Therefore, whenever you are held up due to any doubts, we will be there to clarify those through emails, live chats or web conferencing, depending on the products you have chosen. We are passionate about what we do and will do everything to make you a prudent trader and an expert technical analyst. To achieve this objective, your queries will not be passed on to any executive but will be answered by the director himself. Apart from this, we will always be in touch informally through regular webinars conducted specially for discussing markets, your trading experiences and other such knowledge and fun topics.

Extended support is not a part of the course or any other paid products. It is a part of our policy to provide our students all possible help to make them best of traders. We expect that you will be reasonable in your queries. We reserve the right to reply to queries and hold webinars etc as per our discretion.

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