1) The Book: "Trader’s guide to financial markets and technical analysis"

is the most comprehensive book on the subject. True to its name, the book is written solely for the benefit of traders who wish to gain knowledge that helps in making money. The book takes into account the need of somebody who is absolutely new to financial markets and wants to know the markets before learning technical analysis. All financial markets namely stock, commodity, forex, derivative, money market and insurance are explained thoroughly in simple language. To make sure that no reader has to go through unnecessary content, only specific and relevant topics required to be a trader are covered. The USP of the book is elaborate and easy explanation of every topic. However, the book alone is just a starting point and cannot clear the practical doubts. To make your technical analysis learning process smooth and wholesome, we will provide group webinar invite as and when necessitated by students’ queries. This add-on Webinar support will make it certain that your doubts and queries are not left unanswered and you become a perfect technical trader. It will also provide you the opportunity to know how the other readers of the book interpret technical analysis, which will broaden your understanding of the subject.    

2) Technical analysis course:

The Technical analysis course from krispynotes is unique, and stresses on being interactive. Books and videos provide only theoretical knowledge and are not capable to handle the situations that are exceptional to each individual and each trade.

The course is a combination of book, webinars and interactive support that includes e-mails and chat.

a) Webinars: Complete course will be delivered through webinars and it will be a regular feature. The webinar is like a virtual classroom with all facilities. The maximum strength of a webinar will be 24 participants, an ideal figure, providing advantage of learning in a group without being unmanageable.

b) Interective Support: If you have any queries related to technical analysis, no matter when or wherever they occur, we are just an e-mail away. However, do take care to be clear and specific and attach chart images if possible.

3) KrispySignal:

Learning technical analysis requires patience and a lot of market observation. For those who wish to trade but do not have time to learn, we have developed Krispysignal. This metastock plug in will provide automated buy and sell signals, target price and stop loss levels. Right now, it is only available for metastock users and is not applicable to other charting software.

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